I puzzled repeatedly over the titles of the three items John Cruickshank gave KG in 1960. They read more like the titles of stories than songs. The Ole Miss listing gave Strichen as the May 1960 recording location.
Then in May 2024 I posted a message on the Strichen Folk Facebook page seeking any information about John, and was delighted to find the man himself.

From John Cruickshank

I am the said John Cruickshank and sang for Ken Goldstein in 1960. I am 81 and live on the Isle of Arran now. We were a family of farmers from Loanend , Strichen. I think I may have sung a song called The Ignorant Loon. I became a doctor and now live on Arran.

From Ewan
very keen to know more about why and how you sang for Ken Goldstein. As I said on Stricken site the Archive lists the following for you. They are not yet on line but supposed to be soon. Description The Ignorant Loon / John Cruickshank; Diseases / John Cruickshank; Apple Dumplings / John Cruickshank.
From John
Hello Ewan. This takes me back!! Ken Goldstein did live in Strichen for quite a while. He was married and I think his wife gave birth in Scotland. Tragically the baby died on the voyage back to America. I remember him as a gentle nice man. Why we met I am not sure but he probably was asking about who sang songs and our family did. I think I just remember the recording and I also remember Hamish Henderson who may have been there but at any rate visited Strichen and i remember discussing the Ignorant Loon with him. This song is the most interesting because I have never heard anybody singing it before and it was handed down orally from my father to me .Where it came from originally I have no clue. It is worth preserving , I think Apple Dumplings is a Victorian/Edwardian music hall English song in the style of Boiled beef and Carrots, and the Diseases is also probably a music hall humorous song. Both songs were learned by me from my father with no written music. If you were to ask me I would say that the only song worth preserving is the Ignorant Loon, however I would be interested to hear the recordings from long ago Regards John C
From Ewan
Waiting to hear the songs myself! I am building up a website about Goldstein and Scotland, and will with your permission add there what you have written above.
NOTE Hamish Henderson did not record the Ignorant Loon song from John, and I cannot find it or John's other two songs in Tobar an Dualchais. so must await till they are put on from Ole Miss Archives.

An Internet search uncovers many clips from a US b&w TV series called The Apple Dumpling Gang, but their theme song does not sound like John's father's source!