KG returned to Scotland several times, and seems to have recorded border shepherd Willie Scott on one visit, but the lack of information occasioned by the fire that destroyed his notes leaves the picture unclear. On probably a different visit he recorded stories from Belle and Alec Stewart in Blairgowrie, and Jane Turriff in Fettercairn. The Ole Miss archive details reels that intercut them with English teller Ruth Tongue. One reading of the listing on the relevant tape reel boxes would suggest that Tongue and the Scots were recorded in conversation. A much more likely reading is that tape recordings were edited together for sequences to illustrate KG's class presentations.
There are other puzzling listings of Scots in the archive, they might be interviews by KG, copies made of commercial LP discs, or copies made from the archives of the School of Scottish Studies.
For another account of KG's involved in an event in Scotland see the page on this website called 'The Great Whammie Diddle Fraud'.