LISTING of 1959/60 Scottish people and addresses

ADAMS FAMILY, Darnabo, Fyvie, Mrs Margaret Adams, Mr Adams, Mr Louie Adams

JOHN ARGO, c/o his grandson Keiran Argo. Keiran's father was Arthur Argo.

JOHN CRUIKSHANK, Strichen. John is now a doctor living on Arran.

GEORGE INGLIS FRASER, Geordie Fraser, Strichen. See above page First 1959 Recordings.

RUTH & MARY MCKENZIE, Peterhead. Cannot find anything about them.

‘MATHEWS’ FAMILY, Auchtydore, Longside, Jane Mackie Matthew, Bob Matthew, Jimmy Taylor. Cannot find them.

MOWAT FAMILY, Craigmaud, near New Pitsligo, John Mowat, Emily Sinclair, Ella Scott and Mrs Stuart. They are listed as a family but only Emily and Ella are. John is a farmer, Emily is his housekeeper, Ella is Emily's visiting neice [see Finding Ella Scott page above]. Mrs Stuart not known.

CHARLES FIDDES REID, Epsom and Ewell, England. A policeman born in Buchan, he sent recorded tapes to KG, presumably having got his address from newspaper articles sent to him.. His sons published two booklets of him Buchan lore, I have not been able to find copies.

WILLIAM ROBBIE, Smiddyhill Cottage, Trossachs, artist. He made pictures of Clydesdale horses. Goldstein also recorded Willie's wife Williamina telling of her life.

ANDREW AND MARY ROBBIE, Hillhead of Auchentumb, Strichen. Lots of fine singing.

STRUAN ROBERTSON, Aberdeen Nothing known about him.

CHRISTINA STEWART, Fetterangus,. Not mentioned in Eliz Stewart book, not part of Lucy Stewart family, but related. Mother of Jane Turriff.

FRANCIS STEWART, of Lucy Stewart family, Fetterangus. Younger sister of Elizabeth, neice of Lucy.

STEWART FAMILY, Fettercairn, Lucy, Jean, Elizabeth, Jane, Francis.

STEWART AND ROBERTSON FAMILIES, New Pitsligo – some ten names. Traveller family I think, trying to find information.

WILLIE & ELLA SCOTT, Burnthill Cottage, south west of Fraserburgh, after Percyhorner. Willie played moothie, Ella still with us aged 97, see Seeking Ella Scott above.

JANE & CAMERON TURRIFF, Gaval St Fetterangus. Well known travellers, Jane an exceptional singer and player of harmonium.

2019, Stewart-Robertson, Various Artists, [New Pitsligo -Jean Dugart, Peter Cullen, Jimmy Stewart, etc
Mary and Ruth McKenzie, Mary McKenzie and Ruth McKenzie [Peterhead ‘Twa Heids’]
Stewart Family / Side 1, Stewart Family [Fetterangus
Christina Stewart, 25 April [?] / Side 1, Christina (Teeny) Stewart [Fraserburgh?]
Stewart Family, Robertsons; 21 March [?] / Side 1, Stewart Family
2019 + 1989 Norman Kennedy, Tale Telling, Norman Kennedy
1973 Boys of the Lough, 30 June 1973, Boys of the Lough, Norman Kennedy, and Owen McBride
Alex and Belle Stewart, 9 October 1973, Alex Stewart and Belle Stewart

Adams Family, April 1960, Adams Family [??]
john Argo, July 1960
Mathew Family, March 1960 / Side 1, Mathews Family [Longside – 2 miles from Mintlaw]
Mowat Family, April 1968 / Side 1, Mowat Family [Craigmaud]
Charles Reid, 24 January 1960 / Side 1, Charles Reid [??Epsom & Sewell, Surrey St Fergus??]
Willie Robbie, January 1960 / Side 1, Willie Robbie {Smiddy Hill Cottage, ‘T
Stewart Robertson, March 1960 / Side 1, Stewart Robertson [‘Strichen’ – but probably NP]
Straun Robertson, July 1960, Straun Robertson [Aberdeen]
Ella Scott, April 1960 / Side 2, Ella Scott [Fraserburgh]
Willie and Ella Scotts- Burnthill Farm, April 1960, Willie Scott and Ella Scott
Turriffs and Stewarts, July 1960 / Side 1, Christina (Teeny) Stewart [Fettercairn?]
Jane and Cameron Turriff, March 1960 / Side 1, Jane Turriff and Cameron Turriff [Fettercairn]
John Cruickshank, May 1960, Artist Unknown [?Strichen]
George Fraser, 16 February 1961 / Side 1, George Fraser [Strichen?]
Francis Stewart, 30 November 1959 / Side 1, Francis Stewart [Fettercairn]