In 1953 KG came to Scotland, and recorded Jeannie Robertson in the Blythman house at Balgrayhill Road, Springburn, Glasgow. At the time KG was recording and editing LPs for record labels Riverside and Prestige. I think Folk Legacy came later.
I heard the story from Morris Blythman, how KG felt that some guitar accompaniments would help sales, and Josh Macrae was called in the help, but Jeannie could not cope with this. Josh with guitar was banished into a hall cupboard draped with coats on the door to deaden the sound, and provided with earphones to hear what Jeannie was singing and a microphone. All he could do was drop in occasional tentative musical phrases. The Riverside album was called Songs Of A Scots Tinker Lady,

Curiously, a 1959 recording in a cupboard draped with deadening clothing also features in Mike Butler's account of Bill Leader recording Jeannie in her Aberdeen home for the album Jeannie Robertson, The Great Scots Traditional Ballad Singer.
This time it is Jeannie who performs in the cupboard. Though Leader considered in retrospect the action 'stupid' the resultant recording was excellent.